With April showers now behind us, it’s time we finally break out our spring outfits that don’t solely consist of trench coats and Wellies. Now that sunny days and above-60s temperatures are here to stay, our clothing options become infinitely more fun. Cut-outs, short hems, and look-at-me colors are big trends this season, which is perfect timing now that so many of us are vaxxed and we’re seeing more people in a day than just our reflection in the bathroom mirror. As jeans become jorts, sleeves become optional, and midriffs become visible, we’re here to take advantage of our springtime entrée back into the world. 

For all the outdoor dinners, park picnics, day trips, and more that you’ll be participating in as spring turns to summer, let us supply you with a bevy of warm-weather outfit ideas. From Sporty Spice-inspired workout dresses worn with pastel-colored outerwear to scarfs tied as tops and paired with patchwork jeans — the outfit dump ahead has a little bit of everything you need clothing-wise to have a spring season worth remembering. (Picnic essentials not included, but highly recommended.)

This look is what happens when you combine Sporty, Posh, and Baby Spice all in one outfit.
There’s no springtime sartorial combo quite like a graphic tee and really good jeans.
There’s power in a great pair of shoes.
What’d we say about trucker hats being back?
Did we just find the easiest (and chicest) springtime outfit ever?
A springtime color palette if we’ve ever seen one.
Didn’t you hear? Midriffs are in.
Dress for the beach vacation we all wish we were going on.
Tried-and-true outfit recipe: Vintage western shirt, bike shorts, socks, and loafers.
Turn your scarves into tops with a few, simple tie tricks.
More red snakeskin boot content, please!
Wearing your pajamas outside has never looked so good.
Little white dress + big black boots = our go-to spring ‘fit.
To go from night to day, swap out the sandals for a pair of vintage-inspired sneakers.
If you ask us, the more cut-outs a top has, the better it is.
Forget simple, white Nap dresses. We’re opting for ultra-colorful and Mod dresses in 2021.
At this point, a unitard is as much a wardrobe staple as a white T-shirt or vintage Levi’s.
We’re totally mesmerized by this look.
To make this set even better, it’s also Sophie Turner-approved.
It’s officially jorts season, y’all!

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